Weddings & Events

Our beautiful and historic building is a popular venue for weddings. Below you will find answers to the most common questions about using Burton Memorial for your special occasion.

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Wedding & Events FAQ

  1. Can non-members use the church? We do allow the church to be used by non-members and try to accommodate your preferred dates as long as they don’t conflict with previously scheduled events.
  2. What is the fee for using the building? The cost for non-members is $350 to the church for the rental and $50 for the caretaker who will open the church at your convenience for two days and do take-down and clean up work.   Members and immediate family of members may use the building for a small fee of $100.  $50 for the caretaker fee and $50 for the Wedding Hostess to guide you through the building and to unlock the door for you.
  3. Are there any additional fees? If you would like to have our tech guy run the sound for the wedding it will be an additional fee of $25.   If you’re use of the audio equipment is relatively limited, you are welcome to use your own people.
  4. How many will the church hold? Shoulder-to-shoulder you can squeeze about 150 in the church (by adding chairs in the back).
  5. How much access to the building do we have during the weekend? In addition to using the building for the rehearsal and the wedding, our caretaker is very flexible in letting you in to decorate and for flower delivery.  You can come in any time on Friday or Saturday to decorate.  Upon special request, the church maybe available on Thursday’s to decorate.  We will give you the caretaker’s phone number as the date approaches.
  6. Can we use  your building for a reception? No.  Quite frankly, we don’t have the space to accommodate one.   However, if you wanted to have a reception outside, you could use our recreational area and shelter with prior approval.
  7. How do I request a date or a showing of the church? You can email the church at, or you can call and leave a message at (270) 842-1931.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Recreation Area

  1. What does R.E.C. stand for? Recreation, Evangelism, and Community.   We constructed the R.E.C. area so that we would have a useful connecting point with the community in which our church is planted.
  2. How much does it cost to use the R.E.C. area? Nothing!  Its our gift to the community.
  3. Can I reserve the shelter and R.E.C. area for a birthday or other special event? Yes!  Just email the church and give us the date so we can make sure there are no conflicts.
  4. When is it open? You can use the R.E.C. area any time you want so long as there isn’t another event going on.
  5. When can I play putt-putt, and can I get equipment for it? You can play putt-putt any time.  If there is someone in the office, we can get you some putters and balls (we have kids putters)   Otherwise, you need to bring a putter and golf ball.
  6. When do the lights come on for basketball at night? There is a box under the shelter where they are controlled.  Right now people are on the honor system for using them appropriately.  If you need help getting the lights on, call the church (270) 842-1931 or email
  7. Can I help with the R.E.C. area? Yes! We have had people in the community donate to help make additions to the area, and we have had people offer to help maintain.  Feel free to come out and do clean up,  weed-eating or whatever else to make sure it is an attractive addition to the community.   We are always grateful for any help.