At Burton we take membership seriously as a commitment to care for and help one another towards maturity in Christ.

To Become a member at Burton you must do the following:

  1. You must be a believer in Christ. This means you have repented of your sins and put your faith in Christ alone for your salvation.
  2. You must be a baptized believer. This means you were baptized, by immersion, after coming to faith in Christ. If you are not, we would be happy to baptize you.
  3. Meet with the pastor or attend a “Connecting to Burton” class, either of which will give you the necessary information to make a thoughtful decision about joining. The pastor usually meets with people during Sunday School, but he can meet you anywhere that is convenient for you.
  4. To become a member of Burton, you must affirm the church covenant.
  5. Assuming the above requirements have been met, you would then present yourself to the church at the end of the any regular worship service.

Request Information About Membership

When should I be baptized?

For clarification, in the following cases, you would need to be immersed.

  • If you are a brand new believer.
  • If you were sprinkled as an infant.
  • If you were previously immersed, but you don’t think you were a believer at the time.
  • If you were immersed by a religious body whom we recognize to be non-Christian, ie. Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness.
  • If you were immersed but believed that the act of baptism saved you.

If you need to be baptized by immersion, we will do that at your convenience when family and friends may attend.

What’s a Covenant

As members of the church, we all affirm a covenant, which is an agreement about our common priorities and responsibilities to God and one another. We recite this statement before each member’s meeting to reaffirm our commitment to each other and the mission of the Church. You can read our church covenant here.